Stand with Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war, different offices of Sana Commerce have been supporting Ukraine.

In the first months of the Russian invasion, it was donated around 100 000 EUR by Sana employees and clients!

These funds were transferred to Zhytomyr Community Fund for urgent needs like humanitarian aid and medical support and transportation of victims.

House Repair for the War Victims

UA CSR 2023 Aim – raising money to help with the reconstruction of building for people who lost their houses because of war and were forced to move to the Zhytomyr region. Nearly 2.4 million Ukrainians lost their homes because of the war. Some of these people moved abroad and some of them became internally displaced persons (IDPS) - they moved to other regions of Ukraine. Some IDPS live with their relatives, and some of them are able to buy or rent housing. But there are those who can't afford it - socially unprotected citizens. Everyone can join the project via GoFundMe

Supporting Local Educators🎓

The UA CSR 2021-2022 project has been paused due to the war. We've transformed our CSR initiative since this time due to a security situation but continue with supporting local educators. It was decided to buy modern graphic tablets which can help teachers to enhance visual explanations, improve collaboration with students, increase the flexibility of the online learning process and we've purchased the first batch of tablets! 45 Wacom One Medium graphics tablets are already waiting to be delivered to 36 schools in our city.