Students at Sana Commerce

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for self-starters that thrive in an ever-changing environment and have a “can do” mentality. 

Working Student

Part-time, flexible hours

As a Working Student, you add value to the department you have knowledge and expertise in and you use your skills to improve the team. This can be done at your own pace while you focus on your Master's or Bachelor's degree. 


Do you need to do a placement as part of your curriculum?
4-6 months, flexible hours

At Sana Commerce, our interns aren't responsible for coffee runs or small redundant tasks. This time, it's about you! We focus on giving you a real representation of what it looks like to work in a specific department as you get mentored every step of the way! 

Meet the Team 👋

Michalina started out as a part of the Talent Academy and is now a Product Owner at Sana Commerce. She shares her story about how Sana people have encouraged her and believed in her along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sana Talent Academy?

Sana Talent Academy gives students in the final phase of their studies an opportunity to gain real-life experience in the areas they’d like to discover. From Sales and Marketing to Product and Information Management, there are countless areas within Sana to explore.

You take ownership of your own career, and we guide and support you along the way to find your perfect future position within Sana Commerce!

What does the Sana Talent Academy Program include?

From day one, you are given a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to give meaningful contributions to your team during short-term projects. Responsibilities are assigned to you based on your interests and career ambitions.

How long is the Talent Academy program?

Unlock your full potential with our one-year program, designed to fast-track your career success. Split into two dynamic phases, each lasting six months, our program is the perfect blend of real-world experience and personal development. Get an inside look into the B2B e-commerce and gain valuable skills in the first phase, then fine-tune your talents and find your perfect role fit in the second phase.

Are resumes still being accepted if there are currently no job openings for the traineeship?

At Sana Commerce, we recruit our trainees in March and October. However, we understand that finding the right opportunity takes time and that great candidates can come at any moment. That is why we encourage you to send your resume to our recruiters, even if we are not actively hiring. We are always excited to hear from talented individuals who are eager to embark on this journey with us. So, don't let the timing stop you from applying – reach out now, and we might just have the perfect opportunity for you.

What will my responsibilities look like if I join the Talent Academy?

You will work on short-term projects within the departments that align with your passions and interests. While the core of your tasks will be tailored to your aspirations, we'll also push you to step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges that will help you grow both personally and professionally. It's not just about getting the job done, it's about expanding your horizons and reaching new heights in your career!

Will there be any support or training provided during the traineeship?

During your time at the Talent Academy, you will be supported not only by the project managers but also by the Academy manager, who will be reviewing your progress and personal development. Additionally, you will have access to a wide range of learning opportunities, such as training sessions, e-learnings, and networking opportunities, to help you advance your career.