International Mindset

One of the things we enjoy most at Sana is working with people from all over the world. Working with people from many different backgrounds and cultures opens our mindset to new ideas. This is how we see things from different perspectives, which can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. Here at Sana, we love a great challenge.

Diversity & Inclusion will never not be important

Americas Team Meetup 2023! 🤝

Over 100 Sana people gathered in Medellin, bringing together our teams from all across America. The purpose? To ignite growth strategies, foster team spirit, and brainstorm innovative ways to move our business forward.

Women of Sana 🔴

At Sana Commerce, we have a dedicated board of 6 women that open up conversations about how we can create equal opportunities for women in the tech industry. This includes mentorship programs and monthly meetings.

Race to Victory 🏃‍♂️

In the midst of unimaginable trial, our colleagues in Ukraine participated in a 5km race for charity! We love to see how our people have continued to persevere and above all, aim for victory

And The Award Goes To 🥁

Sana Commerce Sri Lanka has carved an extraordinary path, adorned with accolades like the renowned Great Place to Work recognition. Their commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture has garnered praise and admiration, cementing their status as a true beacon of excellence in the corporate IT realm.

Fostering Future Innovators 🎓

We recognize the importance of nurturing young talent. Through strategic university collaborations, they provide a platform for aspiring minds to thrive. By offering internships, mentorship programs, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, Sana Commerce Sri Lanka is actively shaping the future of the IT industry while empowering the next generation of innovators.

Barbra's Grafting Story 🌳

"Grafting is a technique where tissues of plants are joined to continue their growth together. 🌱 My story started in the Philippines. I grew up in the city, in a cozy house where my aunt owned her own dental practice and often performed dental procedures in our living room.

What Does Diversity and Inclusion Mean to Us?

Company culture is one of our strongest assets here at Sana Commerce. We believe that equality, inclusion and diversity not only make Sana Commerce a better place to work, but also a more successful business. We have identified the following objectives to help Sana Commerce become the inclusive, equitable, and knowledgeable company that we aspire to be.

- Create a culture of accountability and actionability with initiatives from our D&I Team
- Evaluate and update recruitment and promotion processes
- Prioritize equal representation in company marketing materials
- Establish tangible targets and objectives throughout Sana Commerce

Our Diversity and Inclusion Team consists of a passionate group of Sana Commerce employees who are dedicated to creating a space for conversation to acknowledge topics that can sometimes be challenging to discuss. We embrace people of all ages, religions, ethnicities, (dis)abilities, sexual orientations, genders, and identities. We strive to build a safe, equal, and inclusive culture, where all our people, from all backgrounds, can feel at home and be their (best) self.

What Initiatives Are In Place?

Acknowledgement, education, and accountability are key. We want to better understand where and how we need to make efforts to reflect the global community we serve. There are already several initiatives and training programs in place to make our people aware of, and help them overcome, implicit biases.

Our Initiatives:

- Global Diversity and Inclusion seminar
- Women of Sana/Women in Tech
- Culture months
- Conversations with upper management to address how Sana Commerce can become more diverse, inclusive and representative at every level within the company
- Mentor program to help underrepresented employees have access to the same opportunities as others

What is the official policy on diversity, equality and inclusion of Sana Commerce?

At Sana Commerce, we pride ourselves on our company culture. This includes creating a safe, equal and inclusive environment. That is, an environment where all our people, from all backgrounds, feel at home and can be their (best) self.

We therefore strive to build and promote a culture where everyone treats each other with respect, fairness and equality. Accordingly, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of discrimination or harassment. Any form of discrimination or harassment directed toward any individual(s) inside or outside of Sana Commerce is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, disability, medical history, pregnancy, maternity, paternity, gender identity and sexual orientation.

We encourage our employees to speak up whenever they experience discrimination. They can report this directly to our Global HR Director. We also believe that building an inclusive environment is a team effort and we’re continually working to improve our knowledge. If you have any questions or comments regarding D&I, or if you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to our D&I Team.

Contact the Diversity and Inclusion Team at D&[email protected]

Rotterdam - Netherlands

Where over 200 Sana Commerce people are located, this former coffee and tobacco factory and UNESCO World heritage site is just one of the places where you can do your best work. Our hybrid working model welcomes working from home for 2 days a week and gezellige Friday drinks with colleagues. The airy and open office space encourages a flat hierarchy, where you can approach anyone at any time, and give, as well as receive feedback. We love to sell our beautiful collaborative space and fun office parties but the second you meet one of our Rotterdam Sana people, you will be sold on Sana yourself. Enjoy a drink together in our bar or enjoy a break playing ping pong with team members.

New York - United States

Somewhere between the skyscrapers and yellow cabs is where you will find our New York office, where we mean business! Our competitive Sana people make a real dent in the impact Sana Commerce makes in the Americas in terms of both acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. If you love opening your mindset to topics like diversity and inclusion and being in an environment where you can be better than you were the day before, then our New York Office is for you. Located right between Bryant Park and Times Square, Wednesdays are our team lunch days, when food and good company come free of charge.

Medellín - Colombia

The City of the Eternal Spring, as they call Medellín, is Colombia’s second largest city. Bordered on all sides by the green peaks of the Andes, our office is in a lively urban hub and offers views across the Aburra Valley. Medellín is our key Sana Commerce LATAM office, were Sana people from the region can be their best selves. From beautiful museums and theaters to an energetic nightlife, Medellín is just the place to be! Join a team where you can learn and grow and where you can really make an impact. Plus, we hear they have the world's greatest couch.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the newest office to join our global presence and expand Sana Commerce’s international footprint. With this high rise, glamourous lifestyle, you always feel as though you are on vacation – not to mention that salaries in Dubai are tax free! In 2022, we moved to a gorgeous newly constructed office, which is situated on the Almas East Lake – perfect for lunchtime walks. The building also has many different facilities available to our Sana people. In Dubai especially, our international team is growing at a rapid pace and contributes to Sana’s success worldwide.

Zhytomyr - Ukraine

Sana Commerce expanded to the DACH region in 2015. Today, we have around 10 German-speaking team members working and so far, we have successfully supported the digital transformation of 130 companies across the DACH region. Our quarterly on-site get-togethers allow the whole team to share learnings and engage in fun activities!

Colombo - Sri Lanka

With an amazing atmosphere in the Sri Lanka office, it is no wonder that Sana Commerce Sri Lanka has been recognized as one of the Top 15 Best Workplaces for Millennials 2022 as well as the Best 15 Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka for 2022. Of course, we would not be where we are today without our Sana people and we acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous effort it has taken to building an enjoyable working environment in our Colombo office.

Melbourne - Australia

With ambitious goals to help (new) customers across the globe, we have established a fast-growing team in Melbourne that remains super connected to the rest of Sana Commerce, regardless of time zones and remote working. Team members in Melbourne are focused both on customers in Australia and New Zealand, and also serve the rest of Asia. Compared to our other locations, our Melbourne office is still relatively small.