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It all started with a pizza and a plan...

From that moment on, we’ve been on a mission to make our customers successful with ERP integrated B2B e-commerce. We know that when our customers grow, we will grow with them. Both as a business and as individuals.
Emilie gives their opinion on what it's like working at Sana Commerce.
"When people ask me why I love working at Sana Commerce, I always answer that apart from working with amazing people, I love that we are constantly faced with new challenges and that we can clearly see the impact of our actions."
Jessie is a BDR that gives their opinion on what it's like working at Sana Commerce.
"I can really appreciate Sana Commerce for letting me #takeownership of my career here and allowing me to 🌱grow the way I need to grow, beyond being "just a BDR"."
Barbra is a marketer that gives their opinion on what it's like working at Sana Commerce.
"They say time flies when you’re having fun!  "We work hard together to make an impact". That’s exactly how I feel when working on projects with the people from Sana 💘 "

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Rotterdam - Netherlands

Where over 100 Sana Commerce people are located, this former coffee and tobacco factory and UNESCO World heritage site is just one of the places where you can do your best work. Our hybrid working model welcomes working from home for 2 days a week and gezellige Friday drinks with colleagues. The airy and open office space encourages a flat hierarchy, where you can approach anyone at any time, and give, as well as receive feedback. We love to sell our beautiful collaborative space and fun office parties but the second you meet one of our Rotterdam Sana people, you will be sold on Sana yourself. Enjoy a drink together in our bar or enjoy a break playing ping pong with team members.

New York - United States

Somewhere between the skyscrapers and yellow cabs is where you will find our New York office, where we mean business! Our competitive Sana people make a real dent in the impact Sana Commerce makes in the Americas in terms of both acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. If you love opening your mindset to topics like diversity and inclusion and being in an environment where you can be better than you were the day before, then our New York Office is for you. Located right between Bryant Park and Times Square, Wednesdays are our team lunch days, when food and good company come free of charge.

Medellín - Colombia

The City of the Eternal Spring, as they call Medellín, is Colombia’s second largest city. Bordered on all sides by the green peaks of the Andes, our office is in a lively urban hub and offers views across the Aburra Valley. Medellín is our key Sana Commerce LATAM office, were Sana people from the region can be their best selves. From beautiful museums and theaters to an energetic nightlife, Medellín is just the place to be! Join a team where you can learn and grow and where you can really make an impact. Plus, we hear they have the world's greatest couch.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the newest office to join our global presence and expand Sana Commerce’s international footprint. With this high rise, glamourous lifestyle, you always feel as though you are on vacation – not to mention that salaries in Dubai are tax free! In 2022, we moved to a gorgeous newly constructed office, which is situated on the Almas East Lake – perfect for lunchtime walks. The building also has many different facilities available to our Sana people. In Dubai especially, our international team is growing at a rapid pace and contributes to Sana’s success worldwide.

Zhytomyr - Ukraine

Our location in Zhytomyr is one of our oldest offices at Sana Commerce – where some of Ukraine's most brilliant minds gather to make our product better for our customers.

Colombo - Sri Lanka

With an amazing atmosphere in the Sri Lanka office, it is no wonder that Sana Commerce Sri Lanka has been recognized as one of the Top 15 Best Workplaces for Millennials 2022 as well as the Best 15 Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka for 2022. Of course, we would not be where we are today without our Sana people and we acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous effort it has taken to building an enjoyable working environment in our Colombo office.

Melbourne - Australia

With ambitious goals to help (new) customers across the globe, we have established a fast-growing team in Melbourne that remains super connected to the rest of Sana Commerce, regardless of time zones and remote working. Team members in Melbourne are focused both on customers in Australia and New Zealand, and also serve the rest of Asia. Compared to our other locations, our Melbourne office is still relatively small.

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